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Do you need more storage space?

Tired of watching your other half risk life and limb climbing in and out of loft?

Combi Boiler,Water Tank & Solar Panel Maintenance

A securely fitted loft ladder and loft boarding are necessary preparation if you have a combi boiler, water tank or solar panel system in your loft. Increasingly, service providers, engineers, plumbers and electricians are insisting on the provision of these to comply with modern health & safety regulations.
And to be fair, they've got a point.

We Enlarge existing Loft Hatches.
We fit Replacement Trapdoors.

We fit Draught Sealed UPVC Loft Hatches.
We fit Bespoke Timber Hatch Casings.
We Create new loft Access Openings.
We fit Tongue & Groove Loft Boarding
We Elevate Loft Boarding above deep Loft Insulation.
We lay Top Up Insulation.
We fit Bespoke Loft Truss Shelving.
We fit Aluminium 150kg load capacity Loft Ladders.
We fit Telescopic
150kg load capacity Loft Ladders.
We fit Timber Folding 150kg load capacity Loft Ladders.
We fit Concertina
150kg load capacity Loft Ladders.
We provide a FREE no obligation Survey & Advice.
We provide a Fixed Price; no obligation, written Quotation.

We give a Fantastic Attic Access Norfolk Guarantee.


All our work is carried out on a pre agreed; fixed price basis, so there are no surprises. And we pride ourselves on service with a smile and gratitude for your discerning custom.

We cover the whole of Norfolk and are always happy to give you a Free no obligation Survey, Advice & Quotation. We never begrudge a visit and always appreciate a coffee! 

"Why do I need a survey?"

Firstly, it is our Professional courtesy to provide you with one, and our preference to make sure something is going to fit before we say it will. Prior to any installation it is always necessary to make a few key measurements and noteworthy observations. We get to ask you what it is that you have in mind for your loft, offer advice, and are normally in and out in under 10 minutes.
Your no obligation quotation is then emailed to you within a couple of working days. 

Attic Access Norfolk is proud to be a local company
...that you can build trust in.

And here's why...

Attic Access Norfolk
No Quibble 

Our Loft Ladders are Guaranteed
...for as long as you live at the property!

No Quibble! 



Werner Aluminium 3 Section Loft Ladder

This Werner 150kg/23.6st load capacity loft ladder is the ideal choice. Light weight, very secure, easily operated and a handrail for added safety.
Hugely popular and the  ladder of choice for many.

We ONLY Supply & Install Loft Ladders compliant with
British & European Safety Standard
BS EN 14975: 2006
150kg / 23.6 Stone
 Load Capacity

So Don't Settle For Anything Less

Youngman Eco S Line
Timber Folding Loft Ladder & Casing

The nearest thing to a Staircase going up to your Attic.

You'll get Everything through this Luxury Loft Hatch!
150kg/23.6st load capacity Loft Ladder & Casing is made from solid Spruce with an Insulated fully Draught Sealed Trapdoor, Counterbalance Sprung Hinges; making it almost effortless to use, Deep increased comfort Treads and a Handrail for added safety.

Youngman Telescopic Loft Ladder

The Best of the Best.

Quite simply The most technically engineered of all loft ladders on the market today. Made with state of the art precision, components and design, whilst still offering the same deep tread comfort and stability as a timber folding loft ladder.

150kg/23.6st load capacity.

Attic Access Tongue & Groove Loft Boarding

We install specialist 18mm Tongue & Groove Loft Boarding; purpose made for domestic loft storage, that will transform your unapproachable and uninviting cloud of  loft insulation into a  safe and welcoming self storage terra firma.

Unsure of the area you need?
 Even just a few square metres will present well for typical home storage. You can always add on more later. We tailor to your preferences; with no minimum requirement, so you can have as much or as little as you want

UPVC Draught Excluding Loft Hatch

Lofts are designed to let cool fresh air circulate but this often leads to a chilly draught through your old wooden loft hatch. 
Our UPVC loft hatches are fully draught sealed, insulated and with a convenient swing down trap door. Their sleek design makes them ideal for the modern decor and ease of use.

Attic Access Loft Truss Shelving

Maximises your storage & no more bending down for box's

Loft Insulation

Enhance your existing loft insulation with a top up layer to keep your home warm and energy bills down.

If you already have secondary loft insulation, we have the skills to loft board over without compacting it. 

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